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At some point during my first long-term trip I began thinking about what I"d have to vày once I returned home. While considered a general no-no for long term travel, as one can often get fixated on the unknowns of life, some thoughts began to cross my mind.

One of those was interviewing for jobs once I returned, & I realized that my wardrobe was absolutely lacking aside from a nondescript off-the-shelf variety suit jacket.

So I began shopping.

It all started with silk ties in Yangshuo during my visit in China Golden Week, which are said khổng lồ be great chất lượng at reasonable prices. I found two amazing silk ties that I scored for a giảm giá khuyến mãi of $7. Knowing that I could not get one real silk tie at trang chủ for less than three times this, let alone two, the quest to put together the best custom suit began.

It wasn"t until I arrived in Hoi An, Vietnam, just a few weeks later that this quest really kicked into gear, & this only happened because this town was serious about one thing and one thing only: custom suits.

I quickly looked up the best places khổng lồ go, và was on my way.

Figuring Out Where lớn Go – Yaly Couture & Thu Thuy


Overall going to Yaly was probably a wise decision. Paying a bit extra made me feel quite fine with asking for the most minute changes imaginable. In fact, this is the way of things when getting a custom suit put together. However, I feel that certain requests for such a small change at a cheaper facility might go unheard.

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So, how much does it cost to get a suit tailored in Vietnam?

After one design và sizing visit and three fittings, my custom suit is being shipped khổng lồ the USA for nearly 1/5th of the cost it would be at home- ~$200 for a suit jacket, pants, & three shirts (2010 price- present day price likely $400 based on recent comments; however, please keep in mind the material, style, size, will influence your price.).

Budget win.

The fact that I can still wear the suit and it looks great over eight years later? Even better.

For those of you wanting khổng lồ assemble a custom suit of your own while abroad, be sure to research what each country and city is known for before purchasing. If a city is known for cheap unique ties, bởi not purchase shoes. One unique product does not imply that others are as well. WikiTravel has a great shopping section for each country and city which highlights what people normally buy while visiting a đô thị which is a great resource for dress clothes shopping abroad.

Yangshuo, China, the đô thị mentioned at the beginning of this article, is known for its silk, và vendors sell scarves, ties, & every sản phẩm imaginable. While I got two for $7, you could easily talk your way into getting 3 for the same price, but that is all you should buy while there and wait for other cities, lượt thích Hoi an, lớn pick up suits và other custom products.

Yaly Couture is located in multiple stores throughout the Old District of Hoi An, with the largest cửa hàng at 47 Nguyen thai Hoc Street. It is recommended to lớn allow for a minimum of 3 days for a suit to be prepared in order khổng lồ go back for subsequent fittings. International shipping was available for approximately $50 for 2kg + box lớn the United States at the time of publishing this post in 2010.

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