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Are you looking for the best Hoi An hotels for that unforgettable stay at the thành phố of Lanterns!?

Hoi An is one of the most beautiful touristy destinations in Vietnam.

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Join in on the fun with thousands of happy holiday makers and experience the colorful city of Lanterns in style!

What better way to enjoy this amazing place then by staying in one of the Hoi An best hotels!

1. Proximity lớn Hoi An Old Town Attractions

When you are choosing a khách sạn in Hoi An, our recommendation is for you lớn consider staying as close to the Hoi An Old Town attractions as possible.

This way you can simply pop out of your hotel to explore the town any time you like.

Added bonus here, after a busy few hours of sight-seeing, you are only a short walk away from your khách sạn and the pool.

2. Transport & Access lớn the Hoi An Old Town

Majority of the Hoi An best hotels are within a walking distance from the Old Town. However, if you choose to stay a bit further, you can always hire a scooter (about $7 USD per day), và make your way in & out of the Old Town with ease.

Please chú ý that access within the Old Town by a scooter is time limited. Afternoons are for foot traffic only.

Don"t worry here. There are plenty of parking spaces close lớn all of the entrances.

Alternatively, if you are staying at the Hoi An beach resorts, you will be provided with a (usually free) shuttle bus into Old Town. These shuttle buses usually run every hour until late.

Tickets to lớn the Old Town set you back only about $7 USD per person & you can use it for the whole duration of your stay.

3. Khách sạn in Hoi An vs Resort in Hoi An

If you would like to stay in a hotel close to Hoi An Old Town, there are plenty of choices of both luxury hotels with pools and boutique hotels.

Please note, that there are no large resorts in Hoi An Old Town and no major hotel brands either.

If you would lượt thích to stay in a resort that has all the luxurious bells và whistles, then of course you can.

Hoi An beach resorts are only a short 15 minute drive away from the the Old Town. All of the resorts offer a (usually free) shuttle bus into Old Town that usually run every hour till late.

Alternatively, you can choose lớn hire a scooter and come and go as you please.

4. Hoi An Old Town to da Nang Airport

Majority of the hotels provide a airport transfer service. Depending on your package, hotels may provide you with a complimentary transfer from Danang to lớn Hoi An.

Alternatively you may be required to lớn pay approx $22 USD for a taxi or a luxury transport.

Tip: Click khổng lồ read more about how to get from Danang to Hoi An here.

Top 17 Best Hoi An Hotels 2022 Guide

Below is a comparison chart of all the đứng đầu hotels in Hoi An.

You can then read my best hotels in Hoi An reviews below featuring the best rated hotels in Hoi An, best boutique hotels in Hoi An & best beach resorts in Hoi An for 2022.


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Suitable For


1.Aantara Hoi An Resort
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Couples và Families


2.Allegro Hoi An - Little Luxury hotel and Spa
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Couples và Families


3.Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort và Spa
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Couples và Families


4.Hoi An Central Boutique khách sạn and Spa
Check Price
Couples & Families


5.River Suites Hoi An
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Couples và Families


6.La Residencia Hoi An
Check Price
Couples và Families


7.Hoi An River Town Hotel
Check Price
Couples & Families


8.Lasenta Boutique khách sạn Hoi An
Check Price
Couples và Families


9.Hoi An Historic Hotel
Check Price
Couples và Families


10.Little Beach Hoi An Boutique Hotel
Check Price
Couples & Families


11.Vinh Hung Emerald Resort
Check Price
Couples và Families


12.Hoi An Sincerity khách sạn and Spa
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Couples và Families


13. Hoi An Beach Resort
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Couples và Families


14.Vinh Hung Riverside Resort
Check Price
Couples & Families


15. Almanity Welness Resort Hoi An
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Couples & Families


16. Lantana Hoi An Boutique Hotel
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Couples & Families


Top 17 Best Hoi An hotel Reviews

Below you will find the best Hoi An hotels và resorts for 2022.

We will have a close look at the vị trí cao nhất 17 best family and couples Hoi An hotels.

I will outline the vị trí cao nhất features, the pros and cons of each in detailed Hoi An hotels reviews, which should help you choose the best khách sạn or resort for your stay.

1. Anantara Hoi An Resort Review

- One of the BestHoi An Hotels Near Old Town-

Very elegant & conveniently located close to the Old Town, this is a beautiful và the most popular resort in Hoi An.

This resort represents a 1920"s Colonial Style decor, provides you with superb river views, beautiful gardens và of course a magnificent pool!

This is the best accommodation in Hoi An Old Town by far!

The resort offers 6 different types of rooms, including Deluxe River View Rooms và Anantara Riverview Suites.

The resort is one of the best family hotels Hoi Anhas to offer, but it is also brilliant for couples holidays too.

This is a very peaceful & luxurious resort, and in my pick as one of the best resorts in Hoi An.

Why you will love this resort?

Close to lớn the Old Town
Walking distance khổng lồ all the shops, cafes và markets
Free bicycle hire for the Old Town
Perfect for kids, including a special kids playground

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2. Allegro Hoi An - Little Luxury hotel and spa làm đẹp Review

This khách sạn is located within a five minute walk khổng lồ the Old Town và close to all of the Hoi An"s attractions.

The rooms are very comfortable, spacious and very stylish.

The staff is super friendly, buffet breakfast is delicious và cocktails are equally awesome!

If you choose to lớn stay in this hotel, you can relax by the pool on one of the very comfy pool side lounges, or you can choose to get a massage at the spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp located on the ground level.

When we stayed here on our last trip khổng lồ Hoi An, we chose a room that was on a higher level, so we could avoid the noise from the street.

Also, we would recommend that you request a room is quiet as there is a bus parking lot next lớn some of the rooms.

The view from our patio was pretty sad (weeds và rubbish), so maybe request a room with a view on the pool.

Why you will love this hotel?

Great location, close lớn Old Town
Friendly & helpful staff
Delicious buffet breakfast
Very comfortable bedrooms and không tính tiền standing bath tub

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3. Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort and spa làm đẹp Review

Welcome lớn our personal favourite resort in Hoi An! We have personally stayed here twice now và loved it both times!

Definately one of the best Hoi An accommodation options if you don"t mind staying by the beach.

Some of the best features of this resort are:

the amazing & super relaxing beach-front facing pool,the delicious búp phê breakfastsawesome Japanese decorated ocean view suites with their own Jacuzzi"s và the outdoor showers.

Now, this is holidaying in style!

Of course, there are more choices of accommodation here, such as the smaller couples and family suites, & garden view rooms as well.

This resort is suitable for both, honeymooners & family holiday makers as well.

The buffet breakfast is to die for, the cocktails are delicious và the general blissful vibe will ensure that all your senses will be satisfied!

Tip: You can kiểm tra out our detailed review of Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort and spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp here.

Why you will love this resort?

Ocean View Suites
Delicious food và cocktails
Live entertainment
Peaceful relaxation and bliss
Awesome beach front pool
Motorcycle with a side oto excursions
Super-friendly atmosphere
Shuttle bus to lớn the Old Town

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4. Hoi An Central Boutique khách sạn and spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp Review

Although the name suggests that this hotel is situated in a central location of Hoi An, it is not as central to the Old Town as we would imagine.

It will take you approximately 15 minutes to walk to lớn the Old Town, which in the typical Hoi An heat, is not that fun.

I would suggest for you lớn hire a scooter and commute lớn the Old Town like a local.

The Rooms in this hotel are super stylish, spacious và very comfortable. All of the rooms come with their own balcony and nicely stocked up bar fridge.

Our recommendation here, is to lớn grab one of the Grand Deluxe rooms or a Signature Suite, because why not have the best!

Why you will love this hotel?

Stylish and comfortable
Great pool and private balconies
Great for families, connecting rooms & bunk beds
Shuttle bus to the town

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5. River Suites Hoi An Review

If you are looking for a quiet little khách sạn that faces the river and is also located very close lớn the Old Town, then this hotel is a great pick for you.

We have personally stayed here for a few nights và we loved it!

This is my pick of the best cheap hotel in Hoi An Old Town!

Although it is a very small hotel, the rooms are quite spacious & come with their own không tính tiền standing bath tub.

And if you feel lượt thích a little more relaxation, there is a pool here as well.

The pool is attached to the breakfast area, so it is not the most private spot to lớn lounge at.

We still enjoyed it anyways!

Why you will love this hotel?

Very close lớn the Old Town
Clean, tidy & spacious rooms
Very affordable Hoi An hotel
River Views rooms and yummy breakfast

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6. La Residencia Hoi An Boutique khách sạn and spa Review

La Residencia is a great, Spanish-inspired boutique hotel located only a stone through from the Old Town.

The rooms are super cozy with all the bells & whistles including a four-posted bed. The room decor takes you back khổng lồ Vietnamese 1920"s, which adds a bit of class and sophistication.

This hotel offers great Junior Suites as well as large Residence Suites too. Most of those have great city views, whilst some have partial river views as well.

It is best to request higher cấp độ rooms, in order to lớn minimize the đô thị noise.

The pool is located in the building"s basement. In comparison to the other hotel choices, this one is a bit of a let down.

Why you will love this hotel?

Short walking distance from the Old Town
Funky Spanish-style hotel
Free shuttle bus lớn the beach

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7. Hoi An River Town HotelReview

This hotel is a great option for those travelers that enjoy beautiful sunsets, great pool times and of course the river views.

There is a great selection of rooms to lớn suit both, couples và families. There are super cozy Executive River View Suites as well as interconnecting very comfy Deluxe rooms.

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When you travel with kids, it is very important lớn keep your little ones close.

With the interconnecting rooms, this becomes not an issue. You can simply concentrate on relaxation, whilst ensuring a peace of mind.

Why you will love this resort?

Grand views over the river
Very spacious river view suites
Great for families with lots of kids
Interconnecting rooms

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8. Lasenta Boutique hotel Hoi AnReview

If you love a 5-Star treatment and a bit of luxury, but have it all for a price of 3-Star hotel, than this is the best hotel near Hoi An Old Town for you!

This khách sạn comes with tonnes of luxuries, such as an amazing pool, delicious food & of course relaxing setting with panoramic views.

If you would rather face the town, then of course you have that option too, but I would be asking you, why?

This khách sạn is located slightly away from the Old Town và I would recommend lớn use a scooter hire option to lớn commute between the two. This way you will save yourself the hustle of walking too far.

You are on holidays after all, you are allowed to lớn be a little lazy.

Why you will love this hotel?

Great and peaceful location
Very stylish decor và spacious rooms
Awesome views và large pool
Restaurant & bar on site

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9. Hoi An Historic khách sạn Review

This is a very modern & highly recommended of hotels in Hoi An Old Town.

There are tonnes of things to bởi here, including a session at the beauty room or a spa, enjoying a class of Tai đưa ra or taking advantage of the sizable sports gym.

Alternatively, if you are in any way like us, you can enjoy a swim in a large pool.

Choosing a room here is easy. If you want to save money, choose the Superior or a Deluxe room.

Alternatively, if you want to splurge out a little, than spoil yourself khổng lồ a Grand Deluxe or straight lớn the Grand Suite (featured in the photo above) instead.

Why you will love this hotel?

Large rooms with an affordable price tag
Great swimming pool
Sports Gym, Beauty salon and Spa
Close to lớn all the kích hoạt of the Ancient Town

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10. Little Beach Hoi An Boutique hotel and spa làm đẹp Review

If you are looking for a great beach resort with all the bells & whistles và still with a 4-Star price tag, than this is your best pick.

This resort is located at Cua dẻo beach, which means that it is not a walking distance away from the Hoi An Old Town.

However, the cultural center of Hoi An can be easily reached by a shuttle bus or a scooter.

This khách sạn is suitable for both couples và family travelers. You can choose from a lãng mạn Suite Room, spacious Ocean Deluxe Room or a Family Suite, just to mention a few.

Whichever you choose, all come with very comfy beds and fully stocked up bar fridge.

Why you will love this hotel?

Close to all the beach kích hoạt and local beach front restaurants
Suitable for both couples và families
Connecting rooms
Peaceful location

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11. Vinh Hung Emerald ResortReview

If you are looking for a bit of a cozy hideaway from the business of the Old Town, then you can choose khổng lồ stay here.

This little river side resort is still close to lớn the center of Hoi An, but far enough away khổng lồ have a bit more of a Village feel khổng lồ it.

Most of the apartments have their own balconies which are facing towards the sizable pool.

This is a compact và very affordable little river side resort & it is suitable for both couples and families alike.

Why you will love this hotel?

Cozy river side resort
Genuine village feel and friendly vibe
Great pool with lots of shade
Very affordable and still close khổng lồ the Old Town

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12. Hoi An Sincerity khách sạn and spa Review

Do you want a cheap khách sạn in Hoi An Old Town, than here it is!

This hotel has it all & for a fraction of the price of some of the other hotels here.

Yes, it will take you a 10 minute hike khổng lồ get khổng lồ the Old Town, but once at the khách sạn you will have it all under one roof.

Whether you choose to lớn stay at the Deluxe Roow with a balcony, Suite Room or a hotel Suite Balcony Room, rest assured that you are still going to save money here.

Added bonus here, the khách sạn also has their own pool, spa, bar, restaurant & a fitness center as well.

Why you will love this hotel?

Comfy, modern & spacious rooms
Cheap hotel near Hoi An Old Town
Gym, spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp and restaurant
Suitable for couples và families

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13. Hoi an Beach Resort Review

Great family resort with easy access lớn the beach and the river.

This resort"s best features are the pool, great kids" club, activities và games room & of course the Deluxe Rooms with their own large balconies.

This resort offers two main types of rooms, such as the Deluxe Garden View Rooms & the Superior Rooms as well. Deluxe rooms, although older, offer better views and a full-sized tub. Our choice here!

Hoi An Beach Resort is located 6-km drive from the Hoi An Old Town.

You can hire a bicycle lớn ride to town, but we would recommend to choose a scooter instead. It is a faster way of transport & you will get a bit more breeze on the way, which helps in Vietnamese heat.

Tip: Read about Hoi Beaches here.

Why you will love this hotel?

Great family friendly resort with a kids" club & games room
Large và spacious Deluxe Rooms with balcony river views
Beach & river access
Two pools, one with a swim-up bar

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14. Vinh Hung Riverside Resort Review

Only a short walk away or a complimentary boat ride to và from the Old Town và you find yourself on a absolute river front at this funky resort.

The main features of this resort are of course the river front views, River View Suites and the River Front Bungalows.

Yes, it"s all about river relaxation here!

The grounds of this charming river front resort are very well looked after and there are plenty of river front lounges to lớn relax at as well.

Alternatively, you can choose lớn relax in a Sauna or in a hot tub.

Why you will love this hotel?

Romantic setting on a river front
Complimentary boat to the Old Town
Spacious river front Suites and Villas
Kids friendly và great for couples too

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15. Almanity Wellness Resort and spa Review

This resort is all about being eco-friendly incorporating all the aspects of a wellness center. This resort offers inclusive daily 60 minute spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp Treatment, daily Yoga classes and unlimited access to the steam room và sauna.

During your stay you will not only be able khổng lồ enjoy the traditional Vietnamese cuisine, but also you will explore four other international show kitchens.

And on vị trí cao nhất of that, you will be provided with Jazz performances at the resort"s xanh Bottle Bar.

The rooms in this resort are all about relaxation và comfort. Paying a high price tag for the rooms, you should expect the best!

Apart from the usual, Standard, Deluxe & Classic rooms, you can spoil yourself khổng lồ some special rooms like My Mind Room, My Energy Room, My Heart or My Soul Room.

Well, the choice is yours here, but all sound quite inviting to lớn me.

Why you will love this hotel?

Eco-Friendly hotel
Access khổng lồ daily yoga classes
Comfy elegant rooms
Excellent service

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16.Lantana Hoi An Boutique khách sạn Review

Talk about a boutique hotel near Hoi An Old Town. This is definitely one of those little gems.

Although the pool is an indoor one, which might not suit most of the travelers, the rooms themselves are very stylish, modern and very comfortable.

You can choose from Superior or Twin Rooms with city views or river views.

Alternatively you can spoil yourself to lớn Deluxe Room or if you are travelling as a family, you can choose the Family Connecting Room as well.

Regardless, you will have all the bells và whistles and with an affordable price tag.

Why you will love this hotel?

Very close lớn the Old Town
Spacious & comfortable rooms
Kids friendly
Family connecting rooms available

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17.Tropical Beach Hoi An ResortReview

Although this is not the best resort in the Hoi An, we have stayed here recently và we really enjoyed it.

This resort has a bit older style rooms và not as cozy as the above 16 on the list.

However, the staff here was very friendly, the pool and the beach front area was super relaxing, and the cocktails were delicious.

If you choose to stay here, please make sure khổng lồ book one of the rooms with the ocean view. Garden views are not that flash.

Why you will love this hotel?

One of the bestcheap hotels in Hoi Anthat is close to the main beaches
Shuttle bus lớn the Old Town
Great ocean views và awesome pool
Very friendly staff & great for families

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Our Favorite Family Resort in Hoi An

Golden Sand Resort & Spa

The Golden Sand Resort và Spa is our top choice of where to lớn stay with kids in Hoi An. Their facilities are top-of-the-line, their spa làm đẹp is perfect, and their staff will go lớn the next cấp độ to attend to your every need.

The resort has all the facilities that you would expect at a luxury family khách sạn – monitored indoor kids club, babysitting services, baby cots, spacious rooms, children"s menu in all the restaurants, watersports và fun activities.

But what your kids will love most is the swimming pool area. Not only is there on massive pool running right alongside the beach, but there are also TWO kids pools. And there you will find a waterpark with water guns, water slides as well as an in-pool playground.

Now the parents can relax with that cocktail after all!

Click here to check latest prices for the Golden Sand Resort và Spa Hoi An

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