Tạm thời tiếng anh là gì

Calf losses rose temporarily lớn 50 % of all new-born calves, and diarrhoea và pneumonia were recorded in many cattle.

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Student 2, however, has a very different experience of this period of time at college, having temporarily suspended his individual lessons at this stage.
Furthermore, the eye closure response to lớn nerve injury was temporarily blocked by an analgesic dose of systemic morphine (unpublished observations).
Although inconsistent states can temporarily emerge within the dream - these will always lead either to lớn failure or success entirely within the dream.
If anything, it appears that the influx has at least temporarily suppressed residents" willingness khổng lồ participate in commodity or labour markets.
Opening seed storage containers lớn perform these critical functions temporarily eliminates all moisture barriers.
When the safe zone collapsed in the next phase of the war, they confronted this dilemma directly by temporarily withdrawing their protection of civilians.
The 12 long-term surviving babies (median 15.7 months) had no apparent developmental problems, with four babies temporarily oxygen dependent.
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the condition or right of being able or allowed to do, say, think, etc. Whatever you want to, without being controlled or limited

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