Online english test: talk about modern inventions, tài liệu toeic, tài liệu toefl, ielts, sat, gmat

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* Edu tổng thích hợp câu hỏi thường gặp gỡ và gợi nhắc một vài câu trả lời cho chủ thể Khoa học cùng Công nghệ – Science & Technology của bài xích thi IELTS Speaking Part 2.

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1. Theo Speaking for IELTS

Describe a piece of electronic equipment that you find useful. You should say:

what the piece of equipment iswhen & where you got itwhat you use it forvà explain why you find it useful.

2. Theo IELTS Liz


Describe a useful website. You should say:

what it ishow often you visit itwhat kind of site it iswhat kind of information it offersvà explain why you think it is useful.

3. Theo IELTS Online Tests

3.1. Gadgets

Describe your favourite gadget. You should say:

What is itWhen did you get itHow often vị you use itvà say why is it so important khổng lồ you3.2. Invention

Describe an important invention that you think has positively influenced the human race. You should say:

what the invention iswho invented itwhat changes it has brought& explain how it has positively influenced the human race.

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Gợi ý câu trả lời

– The piece of equipment I’d like lớn talk about is my iPhone, which is a smartphone. It hasvarious uses. It functions as a normal phone so you can make calls và text people. But,more unusually for a phone, you can also surf the Internet & skết thúc emails. It also acts asa camera, though admittedly not a very good one. You can b1JY applications from an online store, which allow you khổng lồ find your way, play games, read e-books, và much more besides.

New applications are being added all the time, and some of them are really crazy, lượt thích onethat lets you record your voice và then it plays it bachồng to lớn you but making you sound like an alien! And last but not least, you can listen khổng lồ your music and watch videos.

It was a present from my parents. I’d been pestering them for months to lớn get me onevà at last they gave in, when it came round khổng lồ my birthday. I think they bought it online as it was cheaper that way. I was the first of my friends lớn get one, and I think they were all really envious. It is the latest must-have sầu. People love it because it is so beautifully made, so intuitive, so robust and so clever.

It is because it is so many things rolled inkhổng lồ one that it is so useful. I just love sầu my iPhone,và if I lost it I wouldn’t know what khổng lồ vì with myself. I use it on the way khổng lồ university toentertain myself, I use it to stay in touch with my friends, I use it lớn kiểm tra where I am. Irs not so much useful to lớn me as absolutely essential.

– What piece of electronic equipment would you not miss?

– That’s a difficult question because I love sầu gadgets and all things technological. If I had tochoose something, rd say kitchen gadgets.