a piece of equipment, used especially in the past, for directing all the phone calls made khổng lồ and from a particular building or area:

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Tearful fans jammed the radio station"s switchboard after the singer"s death (= so many people called that all the phones were busy).

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a piece of equipment used to direct telephone calls khổng lồ the right department or person in an organization:
The switchboard is in a self-contained space (borrowing light from the street), to provide some acoustic privacy, as is the photocopy room.
In overlap with the answerer"s acknowledgement (line 3), the caller proceeds to launch a switchboard request (line 4).
Pavlov likened conditional reflexes khổng lồ flexible temporary connections between telephone users through a switchboard.
Switchboard corpus also resulted in a reasonable performance, but the problem is that it resulted in a very big language model, slowing down the recognition.
There is an inadequate lighting system & switchboard, insufficient wing space on stage, insufficient rehearsal rooms, & storage space for only two or three productions.
If that proposal were implemented, there would be an immediate impact on the staffing of switchboards by telephone operators.
The telephone switchboard is manned on a 24-hour basis and embassy staff are always available on Gọi.
The switchboard has been completely renovated & extended, và constant attention is given to the working of the junction lines khổng lồ other exchanges.
Again, modern versions of the popular sizes of small switchboards are now on the market & new designs of the larger switchboards are being developed.
The general manager of eastern region suggests that people should telephone the main headquarters switchboard và ask for the assistant station manager.

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It was considered too expensive sầu to lớn change the whole switchboard system to accommodate someone with limited sight.
Many business managers have sầu had the utmost difficulty in getting their switchboards extended or adapted lớn meet the change in or growth of business.
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