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secret secret (sēʹkrĭt) adjective1. Kept hidden from knowledge or view; concealed. 2. Dependably discreet. 3. Operating in a hidden or confidential manner: a secret agent. 4. Not expressed; inward: their secret thoughts. 5. Not frequented; secluded: wandered about the secret byways of Paris. 6. Known or shared only by the initiated: secret rites. 7. Beyond ordinary understanding; mysterious. 8. Containing information, the unauthorized disclosure of which poses a grave threat khổng lồ national security. Noun1. Something kept hidden from others or known only khổng lồ oneself or to a few. 2. Something that remains beyond understanding or explanation; a mystery. 3. A method or formula on which success is based: The secret of this dish is in the sauce. 4. Secret A variable prayer said after the Offertory & before the Preface in the Mass. seʹcretly adverbSynonyms: secret, stealthy, covert, clandestine, furtive, surreptitious, underhand. These adjectives mean deliberately hidden from view or knowledge. Secret is the most general: a desk with a secret compartment; a secret marriage; secret negotiations. Stealthy suggests quiet, cautious deceptiveness intended lớn escape notice: heard stealthy footsteps on the stairs. Covert describes something that is not overt but is concealed or disguised: Students protested covert actions undertaken by the CIA. Clandestine implies stealth and secrecy for the concealment of an often illegal or improper purpose: a clandestine tryst; clandestine intelligence operations. Furtive suggests the slyness, shiftiness, and evasiveness of a thief: a menacing & furtive look to lớn his eye. Something surreptitious is stealthy, furtive, & often unseemly or unethical: took a surreptitious glance at his watch; the surreptitious mobilization of troops in preparation for a sneak attack. Underhand implies unfairness, deceit, fraud, or slyness as well as secrecy: achieved success in business only by resorting to lớn underhand methods.

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secretsecret(adj) clandestine, underground, top-secret, undisclosed, surreptitious, furtive, stealthy, hush-hush (informal), cloak-and-dagger, underhand, closet, covertantonym: openconfidential, surprise, private, classified, top-secret, hush-hush (informal), restrictedantonym: publicsecret(n) confidence, skeleton in the cupboard, mystery, enigma, riddle