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rank và file


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noun Ordinary members who are not in a position of leadership, authority, or power. The giảm giá was rejected by a large majority of the rank and file within the union.2. adjective Everyday; ordinary; not in a position of authority or power. Often hyphenated. The scandal appears to go beyond rank-and-file officers all the way lớn the heads of the police force. Everyone assumes I make a lot of money because I work in the film industry, but the pay for a rank-and-tệp tin crew member is actually pretty low.See also: và, tệp tin, rank

rank and file

1.quý khách vẫn xem: Rank and file là gì Lit. regular soldiers, not the officers. I think there is low morale aao ước the rank và file, sir. The rank and tệp tin usually bởi vì exactly as they are told. 2. Fig. the ordinary members of a group, not the leaders. The rank & file will vote on the proposed contract tomorrow. The last contract was turned down by the rank and file last year.See also: and, tệp tin, rank

rank và file

Followers, the general membership, as in This new senator really appeals lớn the rank and file in the labor unions. This expression comes from the military, where a rank denotes soldiers standing side by side in a row, & file refers to lớn soldiers standing behind one another. The first recorded figurative sầu use of this term was in 1860. See also: and, file, rank

rank & file

rank and file

the ordinary members of an organization as opposed to its leaders.

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The notion behind the expression is of the ‘ranks’ & ‘files’ into which privates và non-commissioned officers khung on parade.See also: &, tệp tin, rank

(the) ˌrank and ˈfile

(the) ordinary members of a group or an organization: I can see that you are happy with the plan but what will the rank & tệp tin think? ♢ The rank-and-file members don’t elect the leader. OPPOSITE: (the) top brassIn the military, the rank và tệp tin are ordinary soldiers who are not officers.See also: and, file, rank

rank và file

n. the comtháng members of something. What will the rank và tệp tin think of the proposal? See also: và, tệp tin, rank

rank and file, the

The general population; followers rather than leaders. This term comes from the military, where it means soldiers & noncommissioned officers as opposed to lớn officers. Both words actually refer lớn specific lineups, a rank meaning men aligned side by side và a tệp tin men standing behind one another. It is the soldiers & noncommissioned who line up in this way, with the officers standing in front or to the side. The military expression dates from the sixteenth century. In the late eighteenth century it began lớn be applied figuratively to lớn the general membership of a large group or the individuals in a series. Robert Burns did so in First Epistle to lớn Davie (1784): “The words come skelpan, rank và file.”See also: &, rankSee also:

rank and file

Idiom(s): rank and fileTheme: PEOPLE the members of a group, not the leaders. (Fixed order.)• The rank and tệp tin will vote on the proposed contract tomorrow.• The last contract was turned down by the rank and tệp tin last year.

rank & file|file|rank

n. phr. Ordinary people; the regular membership of an organization; the enlisted privates in the Army. The general usually inspects the rank và file on specific national holidays. The secretary of the association sends letters annually to the rank and tệp tin. ram, force, thrust, etc. something down somebody's throat Ramadan Ramadan Mubarak ramble on rambo Ramboize rammy ramp up rampage ramrod ramrod straight ran ranch random random number randy rang range range over range over (something or some place) rank rank above rank above (someone or something) rank among mỏi rank among (someone or something) rank and tệp tin rank & tệp tin, the rank as rank as (something) rank below (someone or something) rank higher than (one) rank on rank on (someone or something) rank on someone rank out rank someone rank someone out rank with rank with (someone or something) ranking ransom rant rant about rant about (something) rant against rant against (someone or something) rant và rave rant và rave, to lớn rant at rant at (someone or something) rap raise one"s voice raise the devil raise the roof rake in rake off rake over the coals rake up ramble on about rank & file rap one"s knuckles rat out rat race rate with someone rattle off rattle one"s saber rave about raw giảm giá khuyến mãi - Từ đồng nghĩa, phương pháp cần sử dụng tự giống như Thành ngữ, châm ngôn rank & fileChuim mục: Kiến Thức