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Lotte Mart Vietnam has opened its third Hanoi store in Cau Giay District. The South Korean retailer’s new 2776sqm branch is located in the urban district, near seven local universities. Targeting local students, the branch will offer trendy but inexpensive sầu products. There will be an international zone that sells products from Korea, the US và Europe & a ‘Delica’ corner will offer baked goods và easy-to-cook food.

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About 35 per cent of the fresh-food products will include harvests from farms near Hanoi to lớn maintain freshness.

Lotte Mart Vietphái mạnh head of overseas business Kang Min-ho said the firm is planning to lớn expvà its business in the country, mainly focusing on Hanoi & Ho Chi Minch City.

Lotte Mart now has 14 stores in Vietnam giới.



Lotte Mart’s ‘Be Goods by Busan’ in Vietnam


Lotte Mart Vietphái mạnh will promote products from South Korean SMEs in its Go Vap outlet in Ho Chi Minc City.

The retailer will add a special sales zone called Be Goods by Busan, khổng lồ sell 70 products from 13 companies based in Busan.

Lotte has selected products including fruit và vegetable drinks, frying pans and shampoos, items it believes will appeal khổng lồ local Vietnamese consumers. More items are lớn follow.


The retailer is also planning to lớn provide online và offline sale tư vấn for the products.

This is the second time Lotte Mart has opened a Be Goods store.

Last October, Lotte Mart Nguyen Van Linc hosted 196 products of 23 Korean SMEs, and earned 240 million won (US$215,827) in sales over seven months.


Vietphái nam is Korea’s third largest export market & Lotte Mart believes it is the best place for Korean SMEs khổng lồ thử nghiệm & export their products.

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Last month, another Korean retailer E-Mart also promoted Korean SME’s products in Singapore.



Lotte Mart Vietphái nam sales grow khổng lồ $221m


With 12 stores, hypermarket chain Lotte Mart Vietphái mạnh chalked up sales of VND5 trillion (US$221.58 million) last year – 30 per cent growth year-on-year.

Foot traffic also grew trăng tròn per cent, says CEO Hong Won Sik.

Its lathử nghiệm outlet opened late last month, và the South Korean company is looking at more mergers và acquisitions so it can achieve its target of 60 stores by 20trăng tròn, says Hong.

He says Lotte Mart Vietnam also plans lớn expand lớn convenience stores và eCommerce.

With more than đôi mươi subsidiaries in Vietnam giới, Lotte has invested more than $2 billion, and is set to lớn double the total investment with plans khổng lồ build an urban area in the east of Ho Chi Minh City.


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