After starting the show, the singer joined the kitchen lớn cook in time to visit the hospital và visit her wife và give sầu birth.

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Lam Chan Huy shared good news with his reporter – his wife (Thu Huong, born in 1993), who gave sầu birth lớn her first son at 23:30, on March 18, at the hospital in Ho Chi Minc City. Boys are usually born, weigh 3.1 kilogam và are called Hoang Phi Hung.

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Initially, male singers wanted lớn keep their children secret, but his wife wanted khổng lồ make her public because "You are blessed, He gives heaven, you should not hide anything."

The singer himself cooks for his wife. Photo: Trai nước Australia.

I love sầu my 9x wife "lượt thích an egg". Photo: Trai Australia

Always with his wife during pregnancy Lam Chan Huy understood all the struggles và sacrifices of women. The 38-year-old father said: "I'm very sorry và I loved my wife when I finished. So, no matter how late I perkhung at night, I have lớn get up early, prepare food for my wife. I also learned more beneficial dairy products for pregnant women. "

Regarding the importance of the son of Hoang Phi Hung, Lam Chan Huy said that Hoang is the father's surname (real name Hoang Van Hiep), Phi Hung is strong and decisive sầu & he is successful in every job.

Earlier, when he was single, Lam Chan Huy admitted that he would be quite comfortable singing, he would be playing late at night, but now he has khổng lồ change everything. "Now I have to lớn think about where to go. The first is to lớn rethành viên the child, the second fear of a sad wife và the impact on the child. I received a few concerts about singing during this time. I also bởi vì not have economic pressure. Because of the audience, my love for a career, I still have a show near Saigon và used my wife & children. " he expressed.

The health of my wife Lam Chan Huy is now stable và she can eat và drink normally. In the next few days mother và child will be released.


Wedding photos of Lam Chan Huy & Thu Huong. Photo: NVCC.

Although marriage is a great sự kiện, Lam Chan Huy never shared a dating story before. His wedding was also very discreet và only when his 9-time partner posted wedding pictures on his personal page, many viewers và colleagues knew that the male singer was married.

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Lam Chan Huy – Thu Huong met and fell in love when the singer had the opportunity lớn perform at Binch Phuoc. It's time khổng lồ learn for a year, the couple did not mô tả the press or post on social networks. After the wedding, the couple settled in a 5 billion house in the Go Vap district of Ho Chi Minh.

Portrait of a beautiful 9x wife of Lam Chan Huy. Photo: NVCC.

Earlier, the singer confessed that he was used to lớn living alone. Until the age of 40, but Lam Chan Huy still has a shadow that makes his family rush. Before he was "bound" by his wife, 9X, he passed 3 relationships.

"I have experienced 3 relationships, but I have sầu no results. I think there are two sides. When I have a girlfrikết thúc, I am also supervised, jealous. We go to sing is tired, I have sầu lớn go. Explanation và persuasion are very tiring, lonely life is sad, but I can live sầu with passion.

It was only when I met Thu Huong that I knew she would be "bound" by her. We were about to lớn be prepared thanks to the grace of the heavens, the meeting was moving for the first time. Huong was exactly the person I was looking for, she had different thoughts than the girls I had previously loved. What I think she understands & knows ", He confessed lớn Lam Chan Huy.

Lam Chan Huy (real name Hoang Van Hiep, born in 1981 in Ha Tinh) is known as an expensive sầu singer on the fairgrounds, he can earn tens of millions of dongs every night. In 2001 he became a student at HCMC Architecture University. At school, he had to lớn work a lot & sing in many places khổng lồ embrace life. In 2003, Lam Chan Huy officially entered the music path & was successful thanks to such songs Nothing can replace me, kiss and tears, I vì not want to lớn be a third person….