KOI Resort Saint Kitts is an exciting new destination on the islvà of Saint Kitts. Blending into itsprime beachfront location, the KOI Resort Saint Kitts harmonizes with the natural beauty ofsandy coastlines và majestic ocean views. Combining modern architecture withtouches of local charm, the KOI Resort Saint Kitts is the perfect retreat for guests to lớn enjoy theelegant simplithành phố of island living.Meaning “love” in Japanese, our “Koi” name is the inspiration behind the love sầu andcare that is put inkhổng lồ every detail of the overall guest experience. From ourmeticulously appointed guestrooms to delectable cuisine và attentive poolsidepampering, guests are sure to experience the ultimate in relaxation và indulgence.

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Showcasing elegant Zen-inspired décor và sophisticated color palettes, each of the guestrooms at the KOI Resort Saint Kitts is a bright và light-flooded haven of peace & tranquility. With commanding, unobstructed views of oceanic serenity lớn idyllic islvà landscapes, floor-to-ceiling windows và relaxation terraces bring you closer to lớn nature’s beauty. Our stylish sanctuaries feature lavishly appointed beds, rainfall showers, flat-screen LCD TVs, và other modern comforts.


Featuring a variety of dining options, the KOI Resort Saint Kitts offers exceptionally delectable cuisine. Lose yourself in the vibrant flavors of Asian-fusion cuisine at KOI Restaurant, our famed signature restaurant, or enjoy a casual, relaxing meal poolside at our Jaya Kitchen & Cocktails. No matter what your mood, you can count on wonderful adventures with our masterful chefs và mixologists.


Whether rejuvenation, revitalization, or relaxation are calling, the KOI Resort Saint Kitts has everything you need from our full-service outdoor pool to lớn a well-equipped gym and bespoke spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp treatments. Savor cocktails at our stylishly chic Ultra Lounge or nibble tasty confections at the pool bar lớn recharge your soul. Our state-of-the-art facilities & services are available for intimate và large events. 24-hour concierge service is on Hotline to lớn meet all requests lớn ensure each guest has the perfect stay.

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100 Koi Resort Drive sầu Basseterre, St. Kitts Saint Kitts và Nevis Saint Kitts +1.869.465.4499 North America +1.786.733.5510
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