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Zephyr Shores Estates is located in Zephyrhills, Floridomain authority. We are a 55+ resident owned community with 210 property owners. We are governed by the Floridomain authority Statute 7đôi mươi (Homeowners Associations) and our Zephyr Shores POA, Inc. Bylaws/Rules and Regulations.

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Zephyr Shores Estates has a clubhouse, swimming pool, và shuffle board court, all of which are available for use by our residents and their guests.




The swimming pool is located adjacent to lớn the clubhouse. It has depths ranging from 3 một nửa feet khổng lồ 5 feet. The pool is surrounded by a deck with chairs, lounge chairs & a covered area. The pool is heated to lớn 84 degrees and open from dawn khổng lồ dusk. The pool is for use of residents & their overnight guest only. Please NO GLASS CONTAINERS. Clichồng the button below for the swimming pool rules.



The clubhouse is located in the front of the community on SR 54 West with a capacity of up khổng lồ 265 people in the main clubhouse area. The clubhouse is always busy with crafting, , games, thẻ games, events, dances, jams, dinners, other activities và entertainment. There is a library with books, videos, cassettes, puzzles in the clubhouse for resident use. Cheông chồng out the Activity page and Calendar for activities & upcoming events.

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The Shuffle Board Courts are located adjacent to the Clubhouse. The courts are available for use by our property owners và their guest. We participate in the local shuffle board league. Equipment is available for use.

Property owners và their guests have sầu access to the Six Mile Pond. We mô tả the pond with two other parks (American Condominium & Crystal Lakes) & a private owner. Zephyr Shores has a doông chồng & boat storage raông chồng available for resident use.


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