With the pristine charming beauty & the exciting tourist sites, Phu Quoc is always on the bucket các mục of any travelers when planning on an island exploration. There are several routes to lớn reach Phu Quoc, one of which is Rach Gia-Phu Quoc. Here is our suggestion of how khổng lồ get from Rach Gia to Phu Quoc.

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Despite belonging to lớn the same province of Kien Giang, Rach Gia is about 100 kilometer from Ha Tien town. The only way to reach Phu Quoc to lớn Rach Gia or Ha Tien to Phu Quoc is by the marine route. The fee for getting khổng lồ Phu Quoc from Ha Tien is often lower than from Rach Gia.

Fast ferry

The fasthử nghiệm way khổng lồ reach Phu Quoc isl& by ships is khổng lồ take the high-speed ferry from Rach Gia or Ha Tien town. This can take you around 2 hours and 30 minutes. There are 3 reliable companies offering the fast ferry services from & to lớn Phu Quoc including Ngoc Thanh, Superdong, Tkhô hanh Thoi, in which, Superdong seems khổng lồ be the most popular option. All these fast ferries arrive at Bai Vong pier in Ham Ninh fishing village, however, Tkhô nóng Thoi ferry drop passengers at Da Chong pier in Bai Thom commune. At both Da Chong and Bai Vong ports, visitors can catch taxies or shared minibusses lớn reach their destination. The occurrence of Phu Quoc ride which is a new Uber-like taxi ứng dụng can make your transportation in Phu Quoc more convenient & simpler.

It’s easy khổng lồ buy tickets directly in the ferry offices that are located throughout every big thành phố in Vietnam giới. You can buy the ticket from a travel agent, which may be the simplest way. Moreover, visitors can purchase online or at the ferry terminal. In case tickets are sold out & you must leave or go to Phu Quoc, you have sầu no choice but going directly khổng lồ the ferry terminal and find if there is a cancellation & you can get the canceled seat. If not, you may purchase the ticket from a scalper.

The ferries carry both people & cargo, occasionally even live animals so you should prepare yourself to lớn suffer an onslaught of varied odors. Once you phối foot on the ferry, your luggage will be safely stored for you and you will go lớn your assigned seat that is marked on the ticket. You must sit at your designated position until the ferry departs so that there are no troubles when the ferry is full.


Fast ferry lớn Phu Quoc

The inside ferry cabin is equipped with the air conditioner and a large flat-screen television that displays various Vietnamese shows to occupy the time of passengers. The limited Wifi & karaoke are also available. At the baông xã of the ferry is an open-air seating zone where guests can enjoy the fresh air, refreshing wind & the beautiful scenery surrounding. Seasickness can be a trouble for some và some passengers can vomit, especially in the wet season. Therefore, it’s advisable for you to lớn avoid having a meal before entering the board. The ferries are also furnished with the modern bathrooms.

Fast ferries from Rach Gia khổng lồ Phu Quoc


There are around 7 trips per day with the different departure time. The ticket fare (one-way) for the adult is $15, the senior (above 60) is $13, the disabled $11, the child is $9.

â–ºNgoc Thanh

There are 2 trips per day with the different departure time. The ticket fare (one-way) for the adult is $12 & the child is $9.

Fast ferries from Ha Tien lớn Phu Quoc


There are 7 trips per day with the different departure time. The ticket fare (one-way) for the adult is $23, the senior (above 60) is $8.5, the disabled $7.4, the child is $7.

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Ngoc Thanh

â–ºThere are 2 trips per day with the different departure time. The ticket fare (one-way) for the adult is $9 & the child is $6.5.

Slow ferry

The slow ferry is a larger boat transporting people, vehicles as well as heavy machinery. The most well-known br& in this job is Tkhô nóng Thoi Corporation. At the time of 2018, Tkhô cứng Thoi runs three ferry routes with the departure point of Ha Tien.

Slow ferry routes:

Ha Tien – Da Chong port (3.5 hours)

Ha Tien – Bai Vong port (3 hours)

Ha Tien – Vinch Dam port (3.5 hours)


Boat to Phu Quoc

The one-way price for the slow ferry is $8for adult và $6 for the child (under 10) per person. Baby under 1-year-old can get the không lấy phí ticket. If you carry the vehicle, you must pay the extra charged fee per vehicle:

Motorbike under 15cc: $3.5

Motorbike over 150 cc: $14

Small car: $30.5

Small truck: $43

SUV: $52

Small bus: $78

Large bus: $130.5

Truck: $26 per ton.

High-tốc độ boat

Established in2017, Phu Quoc Express offers a luxurious experience of sea traveling. Equipped with a Roll Royce Engine, Phu Quoc Express reaches the optimal speed of up to lớn 30 knots & can carry 300 passengers comfortably.

Every day, there are two trips from Ha Tien as well as Rach Gia khổng lồ Bai Vong port in Phu Quoc. The fare from Rach Gia to Phu Quoc is $15 one way for the common ticket và the price of the VIP ticket is $23.5. The fare from Ha Tien lớn Phu Quoc is $11 one way for the common seat và $15 for the VIPhường ticket.

Note: The price is converted from Vietphái nam Dong khổng lồ Dollar so these above sầu numbers are approximative.

Considered khổng lồ be one of the most beautiful islands in Vietnam, Phu Quoc tour always touches the heart of any visitors. Traveling to lớn Phu Quoc from Rach Gia is fairly simple & convenient. Hopefully, this article can help you less confused about how lớn travel to Phu Quoc islandfrom Rach Gia.