Hue to lớn Hoi An Easy Rider Motorbike Tour in 2 days

Take two days to explore the route fromn Hue to Hoi An – Easy Rider adventure!

The best way to get from Hue khổng lồ Hoi An is by motorbike. We’ll ride the Ho Chi Minh Trail, rich in war history, through the jungle và the mountains near the border with Laos, và along the iconic Perfume River. On the way we visit the ruins of My Son, a well-preserved temple complex from the time of the Champa kingdom (192 – 1832).

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Cheông xã out this tour’s sights & highlights.




Hoi An or Danang


2 days / 1 night


€140 (€70 per person per day)

You pay a 10% deposit upon booking your tour. At the start of the tour, you will pay the remaining amount to lớn your Easy Rider.

Included are all overnight stays with breakfast, entrance fees, protective sầu clothing & a helmet.

Find a menu of all that’s included with your tour here.

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Sit behind the guide - number of people (standard): At least one person per booking sits behind a guide.

Self-driving - number of people (optional): Make sure you have sầu a valid motorcycle license!

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Get on the motorbike & get off the beaten track with an original Easy Rider by your side! You will hardly see the highway, because Vietnam has much more khổng lồ offer off the beaten traông xã.

An experienced Easy Rider will guide you effortlessly through the country, with numerous stops at local families, unspoilt nature, fantastic food stalls and breathtaking temples and historic sites.

Route – Hue to Hoi An Easy Rider Motorbike Tour (2 days)

Sights và Highlights

Day 1
Hue to Prao (180 KM)

While catching a glimpse of the Perfume River from time lớn time, we drive sầu through the Shau valley khổng lồ the Mau waterfall, where you can cool off with a refreshing dip. After lunch we ride over the Ho Chi Minc Trail through the jungle, with fantastic views over the mountainous landscape at the border with Laos. In the evening you will have sầu time on your own lớn explore Prao, the mountain village where we will spover the night.

Day 2
Prao khổng lồ Hoi An (1đôi mươi KM)

After breakfast we continue our ride over the Ho Chi Minh Trail to lớn Tkhô cứng My. We cross the river with a local ferry & drive sầu inland to the ruins of My Son. This temple complex – a Unesco world heritage site – had a hard time during the Vietnam War. The bomb craters are clearly visible. Nevertheless, the ruins are impressive sầu to see & make for beautiful pictures.

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The tour ends at your accommodation in Hoi An or Danang.

The program above is a general mô tả tìm kiếm of the route. All tours are subject to change based on your Easy Rider’s own insight, depending on factors as weather, traffic & time. If you have sầu specific wishes or ideas you can let us know in advance or discuss them with your guide at the start of the tour.

What’s Included?


Original Easy Rider/English speaking guide with years of experience as an Easy Rider và a lot of knowledge of the area – motorxe đạp (150 – 175cc) – petrol – overnight stays in a khách sạn, bungalow or homestay – breakfast – all entrance fees & boat trips – helmet & protective sầu clothing – damage insurance

Additional costs

All lunch và dinner meals, drinks & any other personal expenses. Expect your daily costs khổng lồ be about €7/$8 per person for two meals and drinks throughout the day.

For more info about the overnight accomodations, luggage, travel with family or the booking process please see our helpful FAQ page.

Pick-up & Drop-off

All tours start between 8 và 9 AM in the morning. After booking with us, one of our Easy Riders will tương tác you with the exact pick-up time. Your Easy Rider will piông chồng you up at your hostel or hotel in the departure đô thị.

At the over of your tour – usually late afternoon, before dinner – you’ll be dropped off at the accommodation of your choice in the destination đô thị. Make reservations before arrival, because our riders only make one stop for drop-off.

Arriving by bus or train?

We can arrange pick-ups and drop-offs at bus or train stations if you arrive sầu before 9 AM in the morning. Start your tour fresh of the night bus or train – we’ll stop for breakfast along the way! Provide us with the necessary information (departure & arrival station, name of the bus company, estimated time of arrival) by adding it to the booking khung.

If you have a flight on the night your tour ends, our guides are happy lớn drop you off at the airport of the arrival destination. Just make sure you allow enough time for check-in & boarding.


No need to lớn haggle over the duration, sights and price of your tour on the street or in a shabby shack. Browse, pick và book your tour undisturbed & online.

Safety first

Your safety is our primary concern. During the tour you wear a helmet and protective gear for your upper body toàn thân and knees – even if you are sitting on the back of the motorbike.



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