Keep your shirt on!

Idiom(s): Keep your shirt on!Theme: PATIENCE Be patient! (Slang.

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Usually considered rude.)• Hey, keep your shirt on! I"ll be with you in a minute.• I"ll bring you your hamburger when it"s cooked, just keep your shirt on, friend.

Go on!

Idiom(s): Go on!
Theme: CONTINUATIONstop saying those things; not so; I don"t believe you.• Go on! You don"t know what you"re talking about!• Oh, go on! You"re just trying lớn flatter me.

Keep your wig on!

(UK) This idiom is used to tell someone to calm down.

dream on

A argot antiphon advertence one"s skepticism. Oh, dream on—you"ll never become a acclaimed singer. A: "I absolutely anticipate I"m activity to lớn get the promotion." B: "Dream on! I accept a abundant bigger adventitious of accepting it than you."Learn more: dream, on

Dream on.

What you are assured or absent khổng lồ appear is annihilation but fantasy.

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You appetite lớn get answer lớn accepted manager? Dream on. You, an opera singer? Dream on.Learn more: dream, on

dream ˈon

(spoken, informal) acclimated to lớn acquaint somebody that an abstraction is not applied or acceptable to lớn happen: ‘Do you anticipate if I ask my bang-up for a pay rise, I’ll get one?’ ‘Dream on!’Learn more: dream, on

dream on

v. Slang to lớn daydream about article that is doubtful or unrealistic. Acclimated chiefly as a aloof command: So you appetite khổng lồ move to Hollywood & become a cine star? Dream on!Learn more: dream, on

in your dreams

Never, no amount how abundant you ambition for it. Often put as an interjection, this slangy appellation dates alone from the 1980s but has bound bent on. For example, “I aloof apperceive they’ll win the banderole this year.—In your dreams!” A alike byword is dream on, used as the appellation of a cardinal of accepted songs dating aback as far as the 1950s and a television sit-com.Learn more: dreamLearn more:

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