Cách tắt xác thực 2 yếu tố facebook

Cách bật và tắt tuyệt đối 2 nhân tố Facebook - How lớn enable and disable Facebook Two factor authentication

Enabling Facebook Two factor authentication early on will help you avoid future risks khổng lồ your Facebook trương mục. Many people thua kém their Facebook accounts because they have sầu not turned on or turned off Facebook 2 factor authentication. To give sầu Lucid Gen an easy-to-understand example, you need lớn be “too trusting” & log into lớn your Facebook trương mục lớn a certain page lớn watch X movie. There are also countless other reasons why your Facebook password is exposed. So let’s learn & turn on Facebook Two factor authentication with Lucid Gen today.

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Table of contentsHow khổng lồ enable Facebook Two factor authenticationHow to lớn turn off Facebook Two factor authentication

What is Facebook Two factor authentication?

Facebook Two factor authentication is an effective sầu way lớn secure your Facebook tài khoản when logging in.Even if someone entered your Facebook password correctly, they can’t log in because they don’t have sầu the Facebook Two factor authentication code.

Facebook Two factor authentication code is a non-fixed code, and it will be changed to a new code every 30 seconds. So only people with Facebook Two factor authentication enabled will receive the correct authentication code when needed.

How khổng lồ enable Facebook Two factor authentication

There are exactly 4 ways khổng lồ turn on Facebook Two factor authentication, but I will guide you in the 3 most popular ways. According to lớn Lucid Gen, you should turn on at least 2 ways to baông chồng up each other, especially the first 2 ways below.

Authenticator with Google Authenticator app:this way, you just need khổng lồ hold your phone, you will receive Facebook Two factor authentication code even if you are offline, you don’t have khổng lồ worry about Facebook not sending authentication code via message message.Lucid Gen và Facebook both encourage you to use this method.Authentication by message:this way you have lớn keep (sim) your phone number.But sometimes you will not receive messages from Facebook or receive slow.If you use this method, you should use another way to prevent it.Authentication with recovery code:you will get 10 fixed backup codes and then save them somewhere to lớn prsự kiện other ways to lớn get the error of not receiving the Facebook 2 weak authentication code.Hardware Authentication (uncommon):You use a USB to install the Facebook Two factor authentication code.Every time you log in, you must plug this USB inlớn the machine to be able to log in.Do you feel like a spy movie or a secret agent?This seems lớn be the surest way, but it’s not the most convenient, so Lucid Gen doesn’t guide.

The same owner, but the way of 2-factor authentication Instagram is different from Facebook. Only the message method is available.

Turn on Facebook Two factor authentication on your phone

You open the Facebook phầm mềm & log in khổng lồ your Facebook tài khoản > cliông xã Menu > Settings > Password and Security > Use two-factor authenticator.

Cliông chồng the Get Codes button to lớn get 10 backup Facebook authentication codes

Step 3: You cliông chồng the Download button (Download) and Cthất bại (Close) khổng lồ complete. Then you keep these 10 recovery codes in a secret place và only use them if the other two methods don’t work.

How khổng lồ turn off Facebook Two factor authentication

Some people want khổng lồ turn it on, và some people want to lớn turn it off. However, you should only turn it off temporarily to lớn finish the job, turn it baông chồng on as soon as possible khổng lồ protect your Facebook trương mục. I also show you how to remove Facebook Two factor authentication on phones & computers.

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Turn off Facebook Two factor authentication on your phone

Step 1:xuất hiện the Facebook tiện ích > Menu > Settings > Password và Security > Use two-factor authenticator.

Step 2:Cliông xã the Turn Off button lớn turn off all authentication methods or clichồng the 3-dot button khổng lồ turn off each authentication method.

Step 3:You confirm Turn Off again> enter the password> click Continue khổng lồ complete turning off Facebook Two factor authentication.

Turn off Facebook Two factor authentication on the computer

Step 1:Log in lớn Facebook > go to Settings > Security và Login > cliông chồng Edit in the Use two-factor authenticator section.

Step 2:Cliông chồng the Turn Off button to lớn turn off all existing authentication methods.If you want khổng lồ disable a particular method, cliông chồng the Manage button of that method to turn it off.

Step 3:Cliông chồng the Turn Off button on the confirmation window khổng lồ complete turning off Facebook Two factor authentication.

What to lớn do if you vị not receive sầu the Facebook verification code?

If you’re having phone issues and can’t get the Facebook Two factor authentication code, try one of the ways below.

Use recovery codes: remember where you saved your recovery codes & retrieve them lớn use.

Note when logging into Facebook

Consider saving trusted devices:when you log into your Facebook trương mục to lớn a new device, Facebook will ask if you trust the device.If you trust it, the next time you log out you can log baông chồng in easily, even without a password.If you borrow someone’s device, choose not lớn trust it.Do not store passwords in the browser:malicious extensions or viruses can attaông chồng your browser lớn steal your Facebook password.If someone borrows your device, they can also easily view your Facebook password by going khổng lồ the saved password section in the browser.Watch out forkém chất lượng Facebook pages:now there are many giả pages that look lượt thích Facebook, you need khổng lồ be awake khổng lồ see if the domain name belongs to facebook.com.If you log into lớn nhái Facebook pages without turning on two-factor authentication, it won’t be long before you lose your Facebook trương mục.


Setting up two-factor authentication is simple & doesn’t take too much time, but it helps you keep your Facebook tài khoản more secure. It would be best if you did this for all of your social networks today. How vì chưng you see this article và need any advice? Feel không tính phí khổng lồ leave sầu a phản hồi for Lucid Gen right below.