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10 Things You Didn't Know About One Piece's World Map From the many seas lớn the countless islands, all the places in the story are unique and are part of what makes the maps of One Piece"s world stvà out.

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The One Piece world is quite easily one of the most peculiar and diverse settings in any anime or manga series out there. Known for his incredible attention to lớn detail when it comes to lớn world-building, Eiichiro Odomain authority has made sure that the series is known for not just brilliant storytelling but its world as well.

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From the many seas to the countless islands, all the places in the story are chất lượng & are part of what makes the maps of the One Piece world stand out when compared lớn the rest.

Introduced quite early in the series, the Blue Sea is what makes the entire world. It consists of several oceans, a bunch of islands and a vast stretch of lvà that runs across the entire planet.

The Blue Sea is quite massive and is thus easily divided into many parts, the most important of which is, arguably, the Grand Line, & consists of the aforementioned islands.

Surprisingly, the world of One Piece has just one continent which runs across the entire planet, called the Red Line. It is quite massive sầu in size và is said khổng lồ be located around the prime meridian.

It is made up of several islands, all of which are connected. The Red Line runs down all the way to lớn the bottom of the ocean and is also quite high above sea màn chơi.

one piece pointing lớn grvà line on map
The vast stretch of l& called the Red Line runs across the entire planet và thus splits the sea inkhổng lồ many parts. With the two belts of the sea called the Calm Belt running perpendicular to lớn the Red Line, the seas of the world are divided into lớn four blues, namely North Blue, East Blue, South Blue, and West Blue.

The ocean in between the two strips of Calm Belt is known as the Gr& Line and is where the majority of the story takes place.

7 There Are Also Seas In The Sky Of The One Piece World

Although the Blue Sea of the One Piece world is already quite complex, that"s not the kết thúc khổng lồ all there is to this world. The seas of the world contain an element called pyrobloin, which when shot in the air, causes the density of the clouds khổng lồ change và gives rise to the Sea Clouds.

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These clouds can actually be sailed on or swam across lượt thích the xanh down below, with the only difference being the mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa.

Just like the ocean on the surface, the Sky Oceans of the One Piece world can be divided into lớn two parts, the first of which is the White Sea. This sea is about 4.3 miles above the surface of the earth và is made entirely out of Sea Clouds.

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Above sầu the White Sea is the White-White Sea, which is located 6.2 miles above sầu the surface and is where all the Sky Isl& rest.

5 There Are Multiple Islands In The Sky Of The One Piece World, Called The Sky Islands

Introduced khổng lồ the fans in the Sky Isl& Saga, it was revealed that there are islands in the sky of the One Piece world that rest on the White-White Sea.

Skypiea, where the Straw Hat Pirates arrive, is just one of the many islands in the sky. Places like Birka have sầu been mentioned before while Nangươi was sent to lớn another Sky Isl& called Weatheria. Meanwhile, towards the end of the Dressrosa arc, Kaibởi vì jumped from one such island called Balloon Terminal.

On either side of the Grvà Line is the Calm Belt, which runs parallel to lớn it. This sea is considered lớn be quite dangerous as no winds blow here, making sailing impossible without paddle ships.

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Furthermore, the Calm Belt is the resting ground of the massive Sea Kings that can easily swallow islands without any trouble. As such, this place is feared quite a lot.

3 There Is a Hole At The Bottom Of The Red Line Where Fishman Islvà Is Located

Just like there are islands above sầu the sea, there is also one under the ocean in the One Piece world, called Fishman Island. It is located directly under the Red Line in a giant hole that sailors use to lớn get khổng lồ the New World from Paradise if they don"t want to lớn take the Red Line route.

Fishman Island is encapsulated in a double-layered bubble & gets its sunlight through the roots of the Sunlight Tree Eve sầu.

The climate of the One Piece world is quite erratic and some islands, like Little Garden, are stuông xã in the same climate from millions of years ago, which is why it is called a prehistoric isl& & is stuck in time.

Little Garden is trang chủ khổng lồ many dinosaurs & has a climate that is extremely difficult for humans khổng lồ survive sầu in. It also has diseases that are no longer active sầu in the world, such as Kestia.

1 It Is Believed That There Is A Total Of đôi mươi,000,000 Islands In The World Of One Piece

Although difficult to spot on a maps, it is believed that the world of One Piece has a total of trăng tròn,000,000 islands approximately. This was seen in Chapter 964 of the story, where Marteo talks khổng lồ Nekomamushi and Inuarashi và educates them about the number of islands in the world.

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The Gr& Line is home page to some và the Straw Hats have sầu visited quite a few of them already but, unfortunately, not every isl& in the story can be explored.

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