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3626 Midway Rd, Decatur, GA is the current address for Ruby. We found ten companies that listed this address in corporate registration documents. These are some of the names: Keasecurites, LLC and Francisco De La Salud Aguilar Ayala LLC. Wendell Usher, Carolyn Lavern Harris, và 185 other persons are connected to this place. Here is Ruby"s phone number — (404) 284-8971 (Bellsouth Telecommunications, LLC). Two persons, including Latosha M Lovelace, Willie E Moon, listed the phone number (404) 284-8971 as their own, various documents indicated. Residents of 30032 pay approximately $1,0đôi mươi a month for a 2-bedroom unit
We assume that Wendell Usher & Carolyn Lavern Harris were among 187 dwellers or residents at this place.
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The population of the US is 329,484,123 people (estimated 2020). There are at least5 records for Ruby Banda in our database alone. People with the same last name & sometimes even full name can become a real headabịt khổng lồ search — for example,Barbara Robinsonis found in our records 2,620 times.

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Alter Names

The same person can appear under different names in public records. Quite often, people use short versions of their name (i.e. Bernie vs. Bernard), sometimes they use their name’s international variations (Edward/Eduardo). It is quite rare but still happens that a person can be found being listed under a completely different name.

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Alter Name * Full Name Persons Count ? Share ?
R R Banda 12 46.35%
Rudy Rudy Bandomain authority 15 8.13%
Robert Robert Banda 50 4.13%
Jean Jean Banda 5 2%
Richard Richard Banda 26 1.98%
James James Banda 19 1.8%
Ruth Ruth Banda 7 1.78%
Ray Ray Banda 5 1.47%
Ann Ann Banda 5 1.25%
John John Banda 42 1.19%
Ruben Ruben Banda 47 1.18%

Last Name Possible Variations

Foreign surnames can be transliterated and even translated (e.g. Brown vs. Braun). Sometimes names in public records are misspelled due lớn silly typos và OCR errors. For example, Royle could be listed as Boyle. Make sure to lớn kiểm tra as many variants as possible.

Alter Last Name Full Name Persons Count ? Share ?
Martinez Ruby Martinez 346 6.35%
Garcia Ruby Garcia 384 6.32%
Rodriguez Ruby Rodriguez 497 5.66%
Hernandez Ruby Hernandez 329 4.78%
Lopez Ruby Lopez 262 3.96%
Sanchez Ruby Sanchez 180 3.08%
Gonzalez Ruby Gonzalez 299 3.05%
Torres Ruby Torres 99 2.97%
Flores Ruby Flores 177 2.69%
Gonzales Ruby Gonzales 142 2.66%
Perez Ruby Perez 203 2.55%
Garza Ruby Garza 103 2.5%
Ramirez Ruby Ramirez 212 2.45%
Gutierrez Ruby Gutierrez 122 2.01%

This surname is found in public records in various versions, some of which are Vanda, Andomain authority, Bondomain authority, Danda, Banvì chưng, Bandajr, Bantía, Branda, B&, O'bandomain authority, Benda

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ZIPhường Code 30032 Rent Values

Ruby lives in the 30032. HUD has the following fair market rent values (jan 2021):

Year 0 Bedrooms 1 Bedroom 2 Bedrooms 3 Bedrooms 4 Bedrooms

Debbie A Boswell, Ronald J Brooks, Elmer G Burdette, Melony Caine, Shannon M Cherry, Lenora Dazis, Calvin Deloney, Lynn R Dennison, Willie C Harrison, Ashley Ina
Anthony Bryant, Arnita M Bryant, Norman Bryant, Tiffany Carruth, Waymond Clark, Dorothy M Dotson, Geneva Hardy, Roschell Henry, Timothy Johnson, L D Lewis
Denise Blakely, Vee B Blakely, Corrine Chism, Deborah E Crawford, Kenzi Daniely, Pepper D Forman, Aken R Grant, Dorothy Mcmullen, Cora V Nicholson, Denise Silverman
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Kevin Hardy, Charysse Hopkins, John Ikeđưa ra, I Kalou, John Kalu, Capricia Kegler, Robert Kelley, Battle Lateef, Yolunda Lowe, Richard Mcclendon
James Bearnard Benson, Ralph Brant, Jessika Campbell, Sharon Campbell, Stephen Graessle, Mary Lee Hunt, Shaquita Jenkins, Zoretta Jones, Tonie Martin, David Mcdonald
Lester Barnett, Beverly A Bucknor, Mike"s Used Cars, Kimberly Cobbs, Matthew Dix, Nicole Hall, Tainia Haywood, Ashley Imãng cầu, Montrel Leonard, Donavan Lewis
Myron M Boykins, Carn Butler, Cornethia Butler, Alexander Dues, Stacy Gayden, Beverly Griffin, Wandomain authority Hardy, Dejun T Lamar, James W Lamar, Eric A Mitchell
Nathaniel Alford, Michael Church, Reginald Dupree, Sandra Hyde, Allana Jones, Lawanmãng cầu L Jones, Chalisa Knight, D Livsey, Derrichồng Livsey, Bridgette Magee

Neighbors" Age Distribution

Information on the Modal age groups of Banda’s neighbors (we’ve analysed 500 households nearest to the Banda’s current address)


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